Monday, May 5, 2008


There officially is hockey once again in the city of Dallas, Texas as the Stars return to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2000.

Marty Turco sets franchise record with 61 saves as Brenden Morrow's goal in the 4th overtime period pushes the Dallas Stars past the San Jose Sharks 2-1 and into the Western Conference Finals.

My thoughts on the game:

  • Seriously, how many wide open opportunities was Joel Lundqvist going to just blow in regulation? Its a good thing the Brenden Morrow decided in the 4th overtime that he wasn't going to lose tonight because if the Stars had lost, the film of regulation hockey would not have been kind to Lundqvist.
  • Is Brenden Morrow a beast or what? Seriously, after his 19 hits in this game, a word to the wise- Brenden, make sure you get your hands on some clean urine. Especially after Morrow ended Milan Michalek's night early with a bone jarring hit at the end of the 3rd period. How sick was that? Morrow played like a man possessed- possessed with the determination that he was not going to lose- not this game, not this night. So, happy 40th birthday, Brenden. You just became a man.
  • 61 saves? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now, I don't exactly know what happened on Ryane Clowe's shot in the 3rd period during which, Marty looked distracted. You gotta make that save. But I'm not gonna dwell on the negative.
  • Is there any doubt that, in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, your goalie's play determines how far you advance? And after Ryane Clowe's 3rd period goal, Marty Turco said, no more. Not here. Not on me. Not tonight. Let there be no misunderstanding, the reason the Stars won was because in 4 overtime periods, Marty Turco decided he was just not going to be beaten.

So bring on Detroit. And while we're at it, could someone go convince Brenden Morrow and Marion Barber to give basketball a shot? I know a team that just recently lifted their shorts over their hind-quarters and ran for the off season with their tail between their legs as quickly as they could.