Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stick a fork in 'em, they're done.

In the likings of Jeff Albertson, "Worst playoff performance ever."

Mavs lose game 2 to the Hornets 127-103, fall 0-2 in playoff series. 

Josh Howard: 3 of 10, 10 points
Jerry Stackhouse: 4 of 10, 9 points
Jason Kidd: 3 of 10, 4 assists, 7 points
Erick Dampier: 3 of 6, 6 points

A big thank you to:
Brandon Bass: 5 of 5, 9 of 9 from the stripe, 19 points

And mediocre performances from: 
Dirk Nowitzki: 7 of 11, 27 points (a decent total but seemed to disappear) 
Jason Terry: 5 of 8, 16 points

There's got to be some "cutesie" pun in here having something to do with its not supposed to be that hard to score in New Orleans.

The Mavs, picking up exactly where they left off in game 1, gave up 39 points in the first quarter, 99 points in 3 quarters, and were at no point after tipoff in serious contention in this game. 

In the 4th quarter, after TNT decided that the Magic-Raptors game was better watching, a few things came to mind:
  • Warm up the bus.
  • I hope the beads were pretty.
  • Go STARS!
  • In Romo we trust.
  • The Cowboys draft is this saturday.
Well, at least the Mavs still have a young defensively minded and incredibly fast point guard-- oh wait, they don't. Ok, at least they still have their young, improving, defensive back up center-- oh wait, we don't. At least they still have their draft picks this year and in 2010-- oh wait, they don't have those either. At least they didn't mortgage their entire future on an old, past-his-prime, point guard, who can't score, and doesn't seem to make anybody better, so that they could win this season-- oh wait, that's exactly what they did do.  

There's still two games to go, but for the next one, I'm bringing the K-Y Jelly. 
And since I'm grinding my gears, here's another tid bit:

Anyone remember Texas Rangers hallowed pitching prospect John Danks who apparently couldn't pitch? 

This season he is 2-1. In his last two games, he has pitched 14.2 innings, given up 8 hits, 2 walks, pitched 12 strikeouts, and given up ZERO RUNS.

So, with a pitcher that strong and young, we must have really gotten a good trade for him right? Oh wait- we got NOTHING. Yes, nobody from the Danks trade is on the active Texas Ranger roster. 

Has anyone started a fire Jon Daniels site yet? 

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There are some who call me...Spoon? said...

So my worries about Maverick inconsistency were completely unjustified; they seem to be playing quite consistently after all, at least for this round.