Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dawg Days of Summer

I noticed earlier today that, apparently the last time I had a sports opinion worth writing about must have been May 5th, just after the Dallas Stars made it to the western conference finals... A buddy ridiculed me the other day by saying, "Bagger, where are all your hot sports opinions these days?"

Which got me wondering, where did they go exactly? And then I remembered, it's the dawg days of summer and what have I missed?

The Dallas Stars lost in the Western Conference Finals to the Detroit Red Wings, not what you hope for, but a nice season nevertheless.

The Dallas Mavericks did..... nothing..... it's apparently what they are best at.

The Texas Rangers were simply deplorable until they discovered they actually had some offensive talent hidden in their farm system and Josh Hamilton decided to start sticking his bat up the asses of all the pitchers in the American League. But just when they started giving us hope by finally adding numbers to the win column and getting over .500, we all remembered, that the best offense in the world can't mask the fact that you still can't pitch. AND THE RANGERS CAN'T. Don't get me wrong, I think Rangers GM Jon Daniels has done a fine job acquiring some great talent this year. I mean, we had 4 players who deserved to be playing in the All Star game. Not only that, but he's found some great young talent too. All this, and they're still 9.5 games being the Angels for 1st place in the West and not realistically in Wild Card contention either. How is that possible? Because as much as I genuinely like the talent on this team, there is a bad fundamental philosophy that unless changed, will keep the Rangers perrinnially at home come October. GOOD PITCHING ALWAYS TRUMPS GOOD HITTING. Now, no one is a bigger Josh Hamilton fan than I am. In fact, as far as Dallas sports figures, it might be: Tony Romo, Marion Barber III, Brenden Morrow, and Josh Hamilton (ok, I like Dirk Nowitzki too but I'm leaving him off the list to make a point). But have you seen the movement that Edinson Volquez has on his pitches? Have you seen his ERA this year? It's a philosophical problem with the Rangers. Its a problem that Jon Daniels has in thinking that there is ANYTHING more important in baseball than pitching. There isn't. And until he realizes that, we're all gonna be watching nothing but football in October, and the summers will drag on with nothing much worthwhile to say about anything.

And what else happened? Tiger Woods did his best Willis Reed and had the 18th hole of his life at the US Open... twice... There was a pretty great tennis match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at Wimbeldon.

Chad Johnson brought the circus to town that was much ado about nothing. Brett Farve apparently developed alzheimers in his old age and forgot he ALREADY RETIRED.

And... that's just about it....

And you wonder why hot sports opinions have been sparce in baggerville this summer... It's just the Dawg Days of Summer. Hell, even Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are taking time off PTI, Tony Reali took a week off to get married, The Ticket has who ever the hell they can sub in for all their hosts who are vacationing....

But that's all about to be forgotten, sports fans....

Dallas Cowboys training camp starts Friday, July 25th at 1:30pm.

Unlike the Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks, this off season Jerry Jones tighten his death grip on the rest of the NFL with the resigning of Flosell Adams, Terrell Owens, Marion Barber III, Ken Hamiln, Terrance Newman, and the acquisition of Adam Jones and Zach Thomas. And then there was the draft....

Oh, did I mention that HBO is covering this year's training camp?

Get those foam fingers washed and your TVs dusted and your fantasy draft scheduled. As one Cowboy great said, "Get'cha popcorn ready... cause it's gonna be a show..."

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this is three months old. time to get some cowboys anger on here.